Hypermobility UK is involved with Personalised, Individualised and Self Funded Budgets and realises that there is still a lot more still do with the county of Essex and would like to see this fully funded as of next year and we are looking for £ 300-600K to fund it for five years or more. If you are interested and what to help again please contact us. hypermobilityuk@btinternet.com

    We are also hoping to make available information cards that can be used when dealing with professionals such as medical and educational staff. Have you ever had to go through a barrage of questions from medical staff who accuse you of child abuse! Do you have to take a pile of paperwork which they scoff at! We can stop that by making available information cards, that fold in half for a cost of £ 12.50 for a pack of ten. For more information please email hypermobilityuk@btinternet.com


    • Helping people who may need additional evidence for Disability Living Allowance/Personal Independence Payment for both Appeals and Reviews.
    • Specialist advocacy- working closely with the client and our specialist team to identify the main issue could be including Educational, Health issues, Social care, helping with gaining an assessment for Personalised/Individualised Budget and dealing with complex and major needs.
    • Accessing external sources of funding for clients who need help in the purchasing of specialist equipment.
    • Encouraging people that are affected with Hypermobility to sit on Inclusion Boards, Health Boards; and other Interest groups in Health and Disability.